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Draft election program of the left party: left party wants to be socio-ecological

Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger have presented their draft election program. They advocate a "left-wing Green New Deal."

The outgoing Left Party chairmen Riexinger and Kipping Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenkadpa

Their farewell gift is entitled "Time to act. For social security, peace and climate justice!" and runs to 137 pages. Barely three weeks before the digital party conference at which their successors are to be elected, Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger on Monday presented their draft for the election program with which the Left Party is to enter the Bundestag elections.

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Advertising in schools: prime example of lobbying

Black-Green in Hesse passes a law to restrict advertising in schools. Critics call the law a "pipe bursting failure".

Minister of Education R. Alexander Lorz (CDU) bows to pressure from lobbyists Photo: dpa

The black-green-ruled state of Hesse passed a law on Tuesday that restricts advertising in schools. But activists and teachers’ associations react in horror. For the spokesman of the education union GEW, Rene Scheppler, the now passed law is even a prime example of lobbying: "I’ve never seen a clearer case."

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Tribute compilation for “grateful dead”: reviving deadhead feelings

With the 5-CD compilation "Day of The Dead" young pop musicians commemorate the Californian acid rock band "Grateful Dead".

No, that’s not bandleader Jerry GarcIa: a fan wants to help celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary Photo: imago/Zuma Press

4AD Records, of all things! One could read it as a not insignificant victory in the eternal culture war between hippies and punks, that now the label, which in its early days stood like no other for the counter-design of hippie music, for a British cool, calculated, conceptual artificiality instead of a Californian warm, spiritual earthiness relying on spontaneity, now releases an expansive compilation, which throws itself in the dust in deep humility before the work of the most archetypal of all hippie bands.

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Portraits of filmmakers: from television to book

Ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg have been produced by the local educational channel "Tide TV", highly subjective. Now they are being exhibited.

Tables with monitors, tablecloths with film images, texts and photos: In terms of exhibition concept, more would have been possible. Photo: Tina Fritsche

Here, young talent is promoted – and at the same time a story is told of the last 50 years of film: For a year and a half, three young authors conducted ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg. They were able to choose the ones that interested them the most from a pot of about 20 names. Their approach is the same: they themselves become visible in the films as questioners, telling their own stories from their own point of view.

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Social senator on jobs in the crisis: “the emergency not considered”.

Social Senator Breitenbach (Left) believes that more people will lose their jobs in the Corona crisis – and hopes for help from the federal government.

Elke Breitenbach (Left), Social Senator Photo: picture allianceCarsten Koalldpa

site: Ms. Breitenbach, the unemployment rate in Berlin was 10 percent in May for the first time since 2015. How pessimistic are you that the numbers will continue to rise drastically?

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Pegida demo in gorlitzer park: five against two hundred

Five Pegida people from Munich demonstrate under police protection in Gorlitzer Park. In Kreuzberg, of course, this does not go unchallenged.

140 police officers protected the five Pegida supporters on Friday Photo: Moritz Wetter

Whoever plans a right-wing extremist demo in the middle of Kreuzberg expects headwind. Pegida Munich did it perhaps for this very reason: on Friday at 1 p.m., the group held a rally in Gorlitzer Park.

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Director on turkish film production: “90 percent is dirt”.

Cem Kaya, director of "Remix, Remake, Rip-Off," on copy culture in Turkish cinema, censorship and the quality of television.

Superman and Batman combined to become super-superheroes Photo: UFA FICTION

site: Mr. Kaya, your film is running in the section Country Focus Turkey. There on the program are Kurdish militias in Syria or mass graves in Cyprus. In your case, it’s instead about the directors of trashy remakes of "Star Wars" and "Rambo."

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Personal tour #60: thomas purps: the miracle of the turn of the times

The master of the taz figures – a controller who could hardly be more likeable.

Image: taz

Since 1997, he has been the master of figures, business plans, expenditure and revenue structures at the site: a controller who could hardly be more likeable. So we are talking about Thomas Purps, born in 1962 in Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg.

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Organic animal husbandry: organic eggs for the masses

With no other foodstuff is the organic seal as important to us as with eggs. Yet German politicians allow organic rules to be broken.

An organic laying hen in her run in Petznick, Brandenburg Photo: Jost Maurin

For Bettina Matthaei, the chicken egg is "an all-round talent." "It holds cakes together, it makes desserts taste airier, and as a fried egg, it’s the fastest fast food in the world," Matthaei says. Eggs are in spaghetti, tortilla and chocolate mousse. Almost everyone who isn’t vegan eats them. "And let’s face it, what would Sunday brunch be without creamy scrambled eggs?"

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