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Portraits of filmmakers: from television to book

Ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg have been produced by the local educational channel "Tide TV", highly subjective. Now they are being exhibited.

Tables with monitors, tablecloths with film images, texts and photos: In terms of exhibition concept, more would have been possible. Photo: Tina Fritsche

Here, young talent is promoted – and at the same time a story is told of the last 50 years of film: For a year and a half, three young authors conducted ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg. They were able to choose the ones that interested them the most from a pot of about 20 names. Their approach is the same: they themselves become visible in the films as questioners, telling their own stories from their own point of view.

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Social senator on jobs in the crisis: “the emergency not considered”.

Social Senator Breitenbach (Left) believes that more people will lose their jobs in the Corona crisis – and hopes for help from the federal government.

Elke Breitenbach (Left), Social Senator Photo: picture allianceCarsten Koalldpa

site: Ms. Breitenbach, the unemployment rate in Berlin was 10 percent in May for the first time since 2015. How pessimistic are you that the numbers will continue to rise drastically?

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Romanian comedian on brexit: “brits and eu remain sex buddies”.

Radu Isac came to the island shortly before the referendum to work as a stand-up comedian. In the meantime, he knows which jokes the British might misunderstand.

Radu Isac: "I got used to the beans for breakfast. But …" Photo by Stefan Wermuth/reuters

Le Monde diplomatique: Radu Isac, by the time you went to Britain, you had already made a name for yourself as a stand-up comedian in your native Romania.

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“Left-wing terrorist” acquitted: seven years in pre-trial detention

Because he was allegedly involved in a left-wing attack in Turkey, Faruk E. spent seven years in German pretrial detention. Now he has been acquitted.

Acquittal under high security: police officers in front of the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court. Photo: dpa

After almost seven years in pre-trial detention, the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court has acquitted a defendant of murder charges. The court had been unable to question the main prosecution witness in Turkey despite intensive efforts, presiding judge Barbara Havliza said Friday.

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Column about ball and the world: enlightened public, where are you?

Manuel Neuer has a strange view of his biography. Only what fits the image created by PR consultants is accepted as authentic.

Knows the score: Manuel Neuer. Photo: dpa

This is how sports journalism shifts. "A biography about me is to be published in the next few days," Manuel Neuer tells the people he calls "my fans," adding that "I don’t know the author and he doesn’t know me." And further: "The truth content could therefore be doubtful." Therefore.

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Russian reactions to doping punishment: only putin is innocent

The World Cup and Olympic ban is the dominant topic in sports reporting. There is also plenty of doping in the Duma.

Outstanding boxer and now politician: Nikolai Valuyev wants his own games for Russia Photo: imago/ITAR-TASS

The perennial Russian doping scandal does not stop at the parliament, the State Duma. Its vice president, Mikhail Degtyarev of the Liberal Democratic Party, stated unequivocally on Monday: "There is no place for dopers and cheaters in the Duma." So, in all seriousness, there is now talk of doped deputies. There are good reasons for this. After all, 17 former athletes sit in the parliament.

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