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Sentence against ex-“cumhuriyet” employee: creating fear

Employees of the newspaper must go back to prison. This keeps up the pressure on Turkey’s democratic forces.

The accused ex-employees of Cumhuriyet Photo: Canan Coskun

Six employees of the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet were forced back to prison Thursday afternoon after a court in Istanbul ruled that their prison sentences were legal. Cartoonist Musa Kart, journalists Guray oz and Hakan Karader, and an accountant, a lawyer and a board member must serve their remaining prison sentences. According to the verdict, they supported terrorist organizations. But the whole world knows what it was really about: their journalism.

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Social benefits for eu citizens: when germans burden foreign countries

How will the ECJ rule on Hartz IV for Romanians and Bulgarians? A ruling on a pensioner living in Austria provides clues.

Always good for a snappy remark: session room of the ECJ. Picture: dpa

For weeks, Germany has been discussing poverty immigration from Romania and Bulgaria. The CSU wants to restrict social benefits for EU citizens and thus reduce the incentives to come to Germany. In doing so, the CSU does not take EU law into consideration. The discussion at the legal level tends to go in the other direction. There, already existing German benefit exclusions for EU citizens are controversial.

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Talking about racism: who is white, i determine

Protesting cultural appropriation turns people into victims and offended exotics. Rarely is it about racism, much more often about disrespect.

Should the Tartars have the copyright on minced meat? Photo:

The Mohawks in Montreal probably don’t give a damn whether the author and Internet expert Sascha Lobo dances with a red mohawk in Berghain or in Ibiza, explains the Internet on German television or demonstrates for the self-determination rights of the Sioux on Alexanderplatz. But the Sioux and the Mohawks don’t give a damn if you build oil pipelines through their reservations, make access to work and society more difficult, and let them sink into alcohol, drugs and crime. Would the Mohawks and their fight against the pipeline in North Dakota be helped if the light-skinned Sascha Lobo shaved off his mohawk and wore side partings instead?

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Two years of #metoo: movement without a prominent verdict

A report about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults was the beginning. Over time, more and more cases became public.

Actress Rose McGowan (left) and Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement Photo: ap

Whenever someone mustered the courage to speak publicly of a sexual assault, the accusations were not far behind: pomposity. Greed for money. How come she never said anything before? Since #MeToo, that hasn’t stopped, to be sure. But it’s no longer simply accepted. Since 2017, #MeToo has united women and men around the world in their fight against sexual violence and abuse of power. It was the first time that there were too many voices to say: oh, surely it wasn’t meant that way. Or: Why don’t you take it as a compliment?

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Draft election program of the left party: left party wants to be socio-ecological

Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger have presented their draft election program. They advocate a "left-wing Green New Deal."

The outgoing Left Party chairmen Riexinger and Kipping Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenkadpa

Their farewell gift is entitled "Time to act. For social security, peace and climate justice!" and runs to 137 pages. Barely three weeks before the digital party conference at which their successors are to be elected, Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger on Monday presented their draft for the election program with which the Left Party is to enter the Bundestag elections.

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Tribute compilation for “grateful dead”: reviving deadhead feelings

With the 5-CD compilation "Day of The Dead" young pop musicians commemorate the Californian acid rock band "Grateful Dead".

No, that’s not bandleader Jerry GarcIa: a fan wants to help celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary Photo: imago/Zuma Press

4AD Records, of all things! One could read it as a not insignificant victory in the eternal culture war between hippies and punks, that now the label, which in its early days stood like no other for the counter-design of hippie music, for a British cool, calculated, conceptual artificiality instead of a Californian warm, spiritual earthiness relying on spontaneity, now releases an expansive compilation, which throws itself in the dust in deep humility before the work of the most archetypal of all hippie bands.

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Portraits of filmmakers: from television to book

Ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg have been produced by the local educational channel "Tide TV", highly subjective. Now they are being exhibited.

Tables with monitors, tablecloths with film images, texts and photos: In terms of exhibition concept, more would have been possible. Photo: Tina Fritsche

Here, young talent is promoted – and at the same time a story is told of the last 50 years of film: For a year and a half, three young authors conducted ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg. They were able to choose the ones that interested them the most from a pot of about 20 names. Their approach is the same: they themselves become visible in the films as questioners, telling their own stories from their own point of view.

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Social senator on jobs in the crisis: “the emergency not considered”.

Social Senator Breitenbach (Left) believes that more people will lose their jobs in the Corona crisis – and hopes for help from the federal government.

Elke Breitenbach (Left), Social Senator Photo: picture allianceCarsten Koalldpa

site: Ms. Breitenbach, the unemployment rate in Berlin was 10 percent in May for the first time since 2015. How pessimistic are you that the numbers will continue to rise drastically?

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Media days munich: golden mattresses

The founder of Ebay has taken NSA investigator Glenn Greenwald, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos previously the "Washington Post". Why?

Also taz boss Ines Pohl is there: Medientage in Munich. Image: dpa

For U.S. media analyst Ken Doctor, his compatriot Jeff Bezos is the "king of selling stuff." Bezos, the founder of online retailer Amazon, recently acquired the glorious Washington Post for $250 million. A year earlier, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes had already bought the Washington political magazine The New Republic. Chris Hughes was 28 years old at the time, The New Republic 98.

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Crackdown on journalists in egypt: team detained in own office

The small news portal "Mada Masr" is still doing independent journalism in Egypt. But now the authorities are taking action against the editorial team.

Where is he? Journalist Shady Zalat Photo: ap

The Egyptian government has sounded the attack on the country’s last independent media outlet. On Sunday afternoon, a police raid began at the editorial offices of the news portal Mada Masr in Cairo. The editors are being held there, and the phones have been switched off. A lawyer for the editorial staff is denied access.

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