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Romanian comedian on brexit: “brits and eu remain sex buddies”.

Radu Isac came to the island shortly before the referendum to work as a stand-up comedian. In the meantime, he knows which jokes the British might misunderstand.

Radu Isac: "I got used to the beans for breakfast. But …" Photo by Stefan Wermuth/reuters

Le Monde diplomatique: Radu Isac, by the time you went to Britain, you had already made a name for yourself as a stand-up comedian in your native Romania.

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Care for refugees: homeless in oberhavel

Two young refugees in Oberhavel have been without a permanent home for six months. The district rejects responsibility.

"Close-meshed care" by the job center? Or just fruitless waiting? Photo: imago images / CHROMORANGE

In the district of Oberhavel, two young people have been homeless for almost half a year without any solution in sight. Both had come to Brandenburg as underage unaccompanied refugees and had previously lived in youth welfare facilities in Hennigsdorf. Because they have no permanent residence, the job center pays out the benefits they are entitled to in daily rates.

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Privatization in the housing market: reward in the millions

Deutsche Wohnen increases its management board compensation by 160 percent. Andreas Segal received 2.95 million euros from the swallowed competitor GSW.

GSW swallowed up, first big bonuses paid out Photo: imago/Schoning

The remuneration of the executive board of the housing company Deutsche Wohnen AG increased last year from 2.5 million to 6.5 million euros, an increase of 160 percent. The remuneration of the three-member board alone almost doubled. This is revealed in the annual report for the past year.

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