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Social benefits for eu citizens: when germans burden foreign countries

How will the ECJ rule on Hartz IV for Romanians and Bulgarians? A ruling on a pensioner living in Austria provides clues.

Always good for a snappy remark: session room of the ECJ. Picture: dpa

For weeks, Germany has been discussing poverty immigration from Romania and Bulgaria. The CSU wants to restrict social benefits for EU citizens and thus reduce the incentives to come to Germany. In doing so, the CSU does not take EU law into consideration. The discussion at the legal level tends to go in the other direction. There, already existing German benefit exclusions for EU citizens are controversial.

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Sexual abuse at odenwald school: a bitter cycle

Two new studies deal with the abuse at the Odenwald School. Much is reminiscent of the crimes of the Catholic Church.

The Odenwald School pursued an educational claim that differed from "ordinary" schools Photo: dpa

It was a strange coincidence: the so-called Abuse Conference, which is supposed to clean up the rampant worldwide sexual and mental violence against children in Catholic institutions, is meeting in the Vatican in Rome. At the same time, two new studies on the incidents of abuse at the Odenwald School in Hesse were published in Wiesbaden. According to these studies, it was not, as previously assumed, about 132 girls and boys who were sexually abused by teachers and employees of the reform educational showcase project, but an estimated 500 to 900.

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Talking about racism: who is white, i determine

Protesting cultural appropriation turns people into victims and offended exotics. Rarely is it about racism, much more often about disrespect.

Should the Tartars have the copyright on minced meat? Photo:

The Mohawks in Montreal probably don’t give a damn whether the author and Internet expert Sascha Lobo dances with a red mohawk in Berghain or in Ibiza, explains the Internet on German television or demonstrates for the self-determination rights of the Sioux on Alexanderplatz. But the Sioux and the Mohawks don’t give a damn if you build oil pipelines through their reservations, make access to work and society more difficult, and let them sink into alcohol, drugs and crime. Would the Mohawks and their fight against the pipeline in North Dakota be helped if the light-skinned Sascha Lobo shaved off his mohawk and wore side partings instead?

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Scandalous author publishes new book: akif pirinçci at home with friends

The ex-cat crime writer has landed in the publishing house of Pegida mastermind Gotz Kubitscheck. Now he laments the disappearance of Germans.

In 1999, he was still stroking cats; today, it’s "the people’s soul" above all: Akif Pirincci Photo: imago/Sepp Spiegl

"Oh, taz," says Akif Pirincci as he picks up the phone. The daily newspaper from the "left-wing slime" milieu, he probably thinks, one of his favorite terms. He remains calm. It’s about his new book: "Umvolkung. How the Germans are being quietly exchanged". The title says it all. And so is the publisher: Antaios, a new-right institution.

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Government crisis in ecuador: it’s always the others’ fault

Instead of standing by his austerity policies, President Moreno uses violence and makes a run for it. Unfortunately, this is a tradition in South America.

Ecuadorians protest against Moreno’s austerity policies in the capital Quito Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/reuters

There they are again, the images that make a South American country look like a banana republic: A government doing the opposite of what it promises in the election campaign. Discontent results in mass protests. A president sends in bludgeoning security forces, imposes a curfew, flees the capital – and rambles about a coup attempt with foreign help.

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Two years of #metoo: movement without a prominent verdict

A report about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults was the beginning. Over time, more and more cases became public.

Actress Rose McGowan (left) and Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement Photo: ap

Whenever someone mustered the courage to speak publicly of a sexual assault, the accusations were not far behind: pomposity. Greed for money. How come she never said anything before? Since #MeToo, that hasn’t stopped, to be sure. But it’s no longer simply accepted. Since 2017, #MeToo has united women and men around the world in their fight against sexual violence and abuse of power. It was the first time that there were too many voices to say: oh, surely it wasn’t meant that way. Or: Why don’t you take it as a compliment?

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Report cards in nrw: behavior grades again for the first time

Teachers in NRW will have to censor their students’ reliability with immediate effect. That’s 15 million additional grades and a lot of trouble for the state government.

Being nicely behaved pays off again. Picture: dpa

On Friday, students will receive their mid-year report cards. Teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia will have to award around 15 million more grades than before. In accordance with the will of the black-yellow state government, behavioral grades must now be included alongside assessments of performance in mathematics or German – six in fact.

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Government program of the kenya coalition: saxony becomes more diverse

Migrant organizations are amazed: from their point of view, the coalition agreement of CDU, Greens and SPD contains huge improvements.

Signed the coalition agreement on Friday: Dulig (SPD), Meier (Greens) and Kretschmer (CDU) Photo: dpa

After the state elections in Saxony at the beginning of September, they saw pitch black: With "Stay or go?" the umbrella organization of migrant organizations in eastern Germany (DaMOst) had titled its statement on the election. "We fear a further deterioration in the living conditions of people with international biographies in the new federal states," it said.

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Euthanasia association fails with emergency application: euthanasia law still valid

Business assisted suicide continues to be banned in Germany. The Federal Constitutional Court rejects urgent application to temporarily suspend the ban.

For euthanasia associations, the transfer of lethal substances is still prohibited. Photo: dpa

An association has failed before the Federal Constitutional Court with an emergency application against the ban on assisted suicide. Four members of the controversial initiative "Euthanasia Germany" wanted to have the new paragraph 217 of the penal code, which has been in force since December, suspended until a decision on their constitutional complaint. The Karlsruhe judges rejected a temporary injunction to do so. In their ruling, published on Friday, they express concern that other people "could be tempted to commit suicide" as a result. However, this does not say anything about the success of the constitutional complaint. (/15)

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Right-wing city government overturns car bans: madrid steps on the gas again

The new right-wing government of the Spanish capital stops driving bans for gasoline and diesel cars. In the process, the air had become cleaner.

Madrid at night: Soon more action on the streets again Photo: dpa

Madrid puts the reverse gear. The conservative mayor Jose Luis MartInez-Almeida, who was appointed by the city council on Saturday, wants to open the city to traffic again. In doing so, he is reversing one of the most profound measures taken by the previous left-wing alternative city government to combat air pollution. Madrid is the first city in Europe to revise such measures against high air pollution.

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