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Elections in india: the hopes of the protest party aap

In the Indian elections, the anti-corruption party AAP hopes to win at least one seat in Delhi. Activists are dancing for their top candidate.

Election marathon in India: Parliamentary elections last six weeks Photo:

At half past three on Friday afternoon, the last convoy of party supporters sets off in Delhi ahead of Sunday’s elections. It will be the sixth of seven voting days in India’s marathon six-week election. On Viskas Road in east Delhi, activists are dancing with brooms for their top candidate, Atishi Marlena. She is seen as having a good chance of winning her Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) first parliamentary seat in Delhi.

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Reconstruction after the 2012 earthquake: italy’s rubble women

One year after the earthquake in Reggio Emilia, women entrepreneurs are rebuilding their stores. The "EmiliAmo" network keeps them from despairing.

Togetherness puts people in a good mood: the women of the EmiliAmo network. Image: EmiliAmo

The earthquakes that shook the Reggio Emilia plain in May 2012 destroyed not only the historic centers of the towns – from Mirandola to Finale Emilia, from Cavezzo to Novi and from San Felice to Concordio – but also hundreds of small stores, ninety percent of which were run by women.

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Privatization in the housing market: reward in the millions

Deutsche Wohnen increases its management board compensation by 160 percent. Andreas Segal received 2.95 million euros from the swallowed competitor GSW.

GSW swallowed up, first big bonuses paid out Photo: imago/Schoning

The remuneration of the executive board of the housing company Deutsche Wohnen AG increased last year from 2.5 million to 6.5 million euros, an increase of 160 percent. The remuneration of the three-member board alone almost doubled. This is revealed in the annual report for the past year.

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After michael brown’s death: justice department sues ferguson

After the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson is supposed to reform its police and justice system. But the city council amends the measures.

U.S. Attorney General Lynch sues: Ferguson’s holdout left her no choice. Photo: ap

In the dispute over reforming Ferguson’s police and justice systems, the U.S. Justice Department has now sued the city. The move was in response to the city council’s decision to revise the previously agreed-upon package of measures. The civil rights lawsuit filed Wednesday said Ferguson’s administration routinely violates residents’ rights and abuses police to generate revenue.

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Commentary netanyahu protests: fear of erdoğanization

Israel’s opposition has awakened from its state of shock. It protests against the erosion of democracy and intolerance of dissent.

Protests against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. The headgear Fez stands thereby Turkish conditions Photo: reuters

The protest against Israel’s head of government Benjamin Netanyahu took place in front of the Tel Aviv Museum and not in front of City Hall, as is usually the case, because the organizers feared they would not be able to fill the large square. In the end, however, tens of thousands came. Barely two months after the parliamentary elections, the opposition broke free from the state of shock into which it had fallen over the prospect of a fifth term in office for Netanyahu and its consequences.

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Music in berlin: a bit of taksim in kreuzberg

Pianist Davide Martello played between the fronts in Istanbul in June. On Wednesday evening, he also gave goosebumps on Berlin’s Oranienplatz.

Davide Martello at the grand piano on Oranienplatz. Photo: dpa

Davide Martello simply pushed his black electric grand piano onto Taksim Square, between the stones and the rubble, between policemen and demonstrators. He started to play, "Imagine" by John Lennon, something like that. People gathered around him.

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Munich’s new olympic bid: eagerly sounded out

Proponents and opponents of a possible bid for the 2022 Winter Games are taking up positions. The conflict has not yet broken out openly.

Mmhh, delicious Olympics in Munich 2022. photo: dpa

Some people are skiing down the Kandahar slope in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in glorious winter sports weather, while others are talking about the slope in a plain meeting room. The vast majority of them would probably also be in favor of a renewed Olympic bid by the municipality, while the others want to prevent Olympic Games in the town at all costs.

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Pothole column: just don’t get caught out

The Brexiteers seem to be suffering from severe imperial phantom pains. This makes it impossible to deal with each other as equals.

Brexiteers perceive EU exit as a chance to return to old English qualities Photo: Simon Migaj/Unsplash

With each passing Brexit day, I remember more of my childhood. Of my time at an English boarding school in a very English colony: Kenya, a so-called settler’s colony because it was not only colonially administered but also settled. I enjoyed my time there, even though it was a strange experience. Because everything was imported, even the seasons. Our trimesters were based on a climatic calendar that had no relation to the country we were in, because in Kenya there was no fall and no spring and certainly no winter.

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Scientology member recruitment: eso group launches offensive

The Scientology sect is trying to regain a foothold in the North. Camouflage organizations are to establish contact with the population.

Among other things, this is where the new members are supposed to end up: Scientology headquarters in Hamburg Photo: dpa

Scientology is attempting a comeback. After it had been quiet around the sect for years, the eso group controlled from Florida has recently been trying harder to win new members, especially in Hamburg: through front organizations, whose connection to Scientology is wisely concealed.

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Column about ball and the world: enlightened public, where are you?

Manuel Neuer has a strange view of his biography. Only what fits the image created by PR consultants is accepted as authentic.

Knows the score: Manuel Neuer. Photo: dpa

This is how sports journalism shifts. "A biography about me is to be published in the next few days," Manuel Neuer tells the people he calls "my fans," adding that "I don’t know the author and he doesn’t know me." And further: "The truth content could therefore be doubtful." Therefore.

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