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Ukrainian reporter in russia: 12 years imprisonment for journalists

A Russian court has convicted Ukrainian Roman Sushtchenko of espionage. Observers hope for a prisoner exchange.

Freedom for Roman Sushtchenko: protest in Kiev, October 2016 Photo: reuters

Ukrainian journalist and foreign correspondent Roman Sushtchenko has been sentenced by a Russian court to 12 years in prison for espionage. The prosecutor had demanded 14 years. The Moscow City Court on Monday afternoon considered it proven that Sushtchenko wanted to learn secret information about the Russian armed forces and the Russian National Guard. Sushtchenko works as a France correspondent for the Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform. On September 30, 2016, he had traveled from Paris to Moscow.

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Environmental pollution through fertilizer: do farmers contaminate the water?

The taz fact check shows: The average farmer fertilizes too much and pollutes the groundwater. This is a danger to health and the environment.

Here comes the nitrate: farmer in Lower Saxony spreads liquid manure as fertilizer on a field Photo: Philipp Schulze/dpa

Many farmers feel unjustly pilloried by environmentalists, politicians and journalists. This was shown, for example, by the demonstrations of thousands of farmers in several major cities on October 22. On November 26, tractors are to roll into Berlin again.

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Trump and the republicans: no gloating at all

Trump has been voted out of office. But he could win again. And even if he doesn’t, he’s poisoning the political climate and making rational debate impossible.

Spoiling the mood and poisoning the climate: Donald Trump Photo: John Minchillo/ap

If the current state of the power struggle among US Republicans* is more than a brief snapshot, then the "Grand Old Party" is indeed unsalvageable. Donald Trump, who became the candidate from the outside in 2016 with the reputation of being a good entertainer and shady businessman, has destroyed the party at a speed that some warned about but few anticipated.

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Sociologist on the hanau attack: “this is no coincidence”.

The continuity of right-wing terror is often suppressed, says researcher Sebastian Wehrhahn. The hypothesis of a single perpetrator is politically incorrect.

Commemoration in Hanau: The lack of awareness of victims of right-wing terror repeats their exclusion Photo: Roland Geisheimer/attenzione

site: Wednesday night, the second largest right-wing terrorist attack in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany was carried out in Hanau. What continuity does right-wing terror have in Germany?

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Talking about racism: who is white, i determine

Protesting cultural appropriation turns people into victims and offended exotics. Rarely is it about racism, much more often about disrespect.

Should the Tartars have the copyright on minced meat? Photo:

The Mohawks in Montreal probably don’t give a damn whether the author and Internet expert Sascha Lobo dances with a red mohawk in Berghain or in Ibiza, explains the Internet on German television or demonstrates for the self-determination rights of the Sioux on Alexanderplatz. But the Sioux and the Mohawks don’t give a damn if you build oil pipelines through their reservations, make access to work and society more difficult, and let them sink into alcohol, drugs and crime. Would the Mohawks and their fight against the pipeline in North Dakota be helped if the light-skinned Sascha Lobo shaved off his mohawk and wore side partings instead?

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Government crisis in ecuador: it’s always the others’ fault

Instead of standing by his austerity policies, President Moreno uses violence and makes a run for it. Unfortunately, this is a tradition in South America.

Ecuadorians protest against Moreno’s austerity policies in the capital Quito Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/reuters

There they are again, the images that make a South American country look like a banana republic: A government doing the opposite of what it promises in the election campaign. Discontent results in mass protests. A president sends in bludgeoning security forces, imposes a curfew, flees the capital – and rambles about a coup attempt with foreign help.

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Government program of the kenya coalition: saxony becomes more diverse

Migrant organizations are amazed: from their point of view, the coalition agreement of CDU, Greens and SPD contains huge improvements.

Signed the coalition agreement on Friday: Dulig (SPD), Meier (Greens) and Kretschmer (CDU) Photo: dpa

After the state elections in Saxony at the beginning of September, they saw pitch black: With "Stay or go?" the umbrella organization of migrant organizations in eastern Germany (DaMOst) had titled its statement on the election. "We fear a further deterioration in the living conditions of people with international biographies in the new federal states," it said.

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Portraits of filmmakers: from television to book

Ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg have been produced by the local educational channel "Tide TV", highly subjective. Now they are being exhibited.

Tables with monitors, tablecloths with film images, texts and photos: In terms of exhibition concept, more would have been possible. Photo: Tina Fritsche

Here, young talent is promoted – and at the same time a story is told of the last 50 years of film: For a year and a half, three young authors conducted ten interviews with filmmakers from Hamburg. They were able to choose the ones that interested them the most from a pot of about 20 names. Their approach is the same: they themselves become visible in the films as questioners, telling their own stories from their own point of view.

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Social senator on jobs in the crisis: “the emergency not considered”.

Social Senator Breitenbach (Left) believes that more people will lose their jobs in the Corona crisis – and hopes for help from the federal government.

Elke Breitenbach (Left), Social Senator Photo: picture allianceCarsten Koalldpa

site: Ms. Breitenbach, the unemployment rate in Berlin was 10 percent in May for the first time since 2015. How pessimistic are you that the numbers will continue to rise drastically?

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