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Organic animal husbandry: organic eggs for the masses

With no other foodstuff is the organic seal as important to us as with eggs. Yet German politicians allow organic rules to be broken.

An organic laying hen in her run in Petznick, Brandenburg Photo: Jost Maurin

For Bettina Matthaei, the chicken egg is "an all-round talent." "It holds cakes together, it makes desserts taste airier, and as a fried egg, it’s the fastest fast food in the world," Matthaei says. Eggs are in spaghetti, tortilla and chocolate mousse. Almost everyone who isn’t vegan eats them. "And let’s face it, what would Sunday brunch be without creamy scrambled eggs?"

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Steinmeier and his spd membership: in heavenly peace

Officially, President Steinmeier is resting his SPD membership. But the SPD’s party statute doesn’t even mention rest mode.

Only the bullets are still shining red. Frank-Walter Steinmeier after his Christmas speech Photo: reuters

The word "rest" has a positive ring to it. Stressed-out people look forward to resting, daycare teachers like quiet children – and a German president lets his party membership rest. That sounds statesmanlike: on the one hand, he keeps a distinguished distance from party politics, but on the other hand, he doesn’t simply resign from a party without a fuss. And it sounds sovereign, just like an experienced cook lets the meat rest first – yes, exactly – instead of working on it hectically.

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Commentary organic farming: new strategies for agriculture

The organic model is of little use if only a small proportion of farmers participate. Ways must be found to green the entire agricultural economy.

Cultivation must also be profitable for organic farmers. Photo: dpa

We need a new strategy to make agriculture more environmentally and animal friendly. This must be the consequence of the fact that organic farming has been languishing for years: the proportion of fields, meadows and pastures managed according to the rules of the organic regulation has stagnated at 6 percent. The organic area in Germany has never grown as little as it did in 2014 – even though the state has been subsidizing organic farming for decades now.

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Economist on the world trade organization: “reform is overdue”.

The U.S. blockade is plunging the WTO into its deepest crisis. Yet it is only an expression of years of failures, says economist Felbermayr.

Standstill: red traffic light in front of the headquarters of the World Trade Organization in Geneva Photo: rtr

site: Mr. Felbermayer, the U.S. is blocking the WTO’s most important lever by preventing the appointment of new appellate judges. Now the body is unable to trade. Is this the end of the WTO?

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After the oil catastrophe in the gulf of mexico: stricter requirements for oil

Consequence of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform: The U.S. government wants to permit oil exploration only if environmental impacts have been examined.

Will soon be operated with "full knowledge of the potential consequences for the environment": Oil platforms. Image: reuters

The days when state authorities gave the go-ahead for offshore oil drilling are to be over in the United States: As a consequence of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration has tightened environmental regulations. "Our decisions must be made with full knowledge of the potential consequences for the environment," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday.

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Patenting vegetable breeding: protection for the shriveled tomato

Even conventionally bred tomatoes and broccoli can be protected by a patent. This was decided by the European Patent Office.

A normal tomato, but still in great demand by the patent lobby. Photo: dpa

A "shrivelled tomato" produced by conventional breeding may be protected by patent. This was decided by the European Patent Office on Tuesday. For years, the authority has been dealing with the vegetable, which is "raisin-like and dehydrated," has a skin that does not burst when it shrivels on the vine, supposedly making it particularly suitable for making ketchup. Nothing now stands in the way of a European patent on tomatoes with these special properties. The application was submitted by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

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Column the one question: wowi is that nice

Berlin’s House of Representatives elections are coming up – and the Greens have no fewer than four top candidates. What is the master plan?

In any case, Renate Kunast is not the top candidate Photo: dpa

In the election for the House of Representatives and the Governing Mayor of Berlin, we capitals must distinguish on September 18 between four top candidates from the Greens alone. What do I do if I like one and don’t like three others?

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Care for refugees: homeless in oberhavel

Two young refugees in Oberhavel have been without a permanent home for six months. The district rejects responsibility.

"Close-meshed care" by the job center? Or just fruitless waiting? Photo: imago images / CHROMORANGE

In the district of Oberhavel, two young people have been homeless for almost half a year without any solution in sight. Both had come to Brandenburg as underage unaccompanied refugees and had previously lived in youth welfare facilities in Hennigsdorf. Because they have no permanent residence, the job center pays out the benefits they are entitled to in daily rates.

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Commentary netanyahu protests: fear of erdoğanization

Israel’s opposition has awakened from its state of shock. It protests against the erosion of democracy and intolerance of dissent.

Protests against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. The headgear Fez stands thereby Turkish conditions Photo: reuters

The protest against Israel’s head of government Benjamin Netanyahu took place in front of the Tel Aviv Museum and not in front of City Hall, as is usually the case, because the organizers feared they would not be able to fill the large square. In the end, however, tens of thousands came. Barely two months after the parliamentary elections, the opposition broke free from the state of shock into which it had fallen over the prospect of a fifth term in office for Netanyahu and its consequences.

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Pothole column: just don’t get caught out

The Brexiteers seem to be suffering from severe imperial phantom pains. This makes it impossible to deal with each other as equals.

Brexiteers perceive EU exit as a chance to return to old English qualities Photo: Simon Migaj/Unsplash

With each passing Brexit day, I remember more of my childhood. Of my time at an English boarding school in a very English colony: Kenya, a so-called settler’s colony because it was not only colonially administered but also settled. I enjoyed my time there, even though it was a strange experience. Because everything was imported, even the seasons. Our trimesters were based on a climatic calendar that had no relation to the country we were in, because in Kenya there was no fall and no spring and certainly no winter.

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