Left-wing protests in gottingen: rallying for the “black block

Around 700 people demonstrated in Gottingen against last week’s G-20 raids. At least one participant was taken into police custody

Autonomes set up "fake depots" in the city area with black clothing and "throwing projectiles" Photo: some autonomists

Bengalos, chants, many banners and partly masked demonstrators*. Around 700 people protested in Gottingen on Saturday against the G20 raids last Tuesday, which also affected several apartments in the southern Lower Saxon city.

For an hour and a half in the late afternoon, the demonstrators move through the city crowded with Christmas market visitors. The police are deployed with several hundred forces, and there are several scuffles. In Rote Strabe, where some left-wing residential communities are located, pyrotechnics are set off in the black block and in the windows of houses. At a barrier, police officers take a man into custody. Officers were "run at from behind and attacked," a police spokeswoman said later. Two police officers were slightly injured, she said. Various proceedings were initiated for breach of the peace, resistance against law enforcement officers and bodily harm.

According to the "Basisdemokratische Linke", the arrested man had stood as a steward "de-escalating and with raised arms between the demonstration and the police", when he was "knocked unconscious with targeted blows" by officers. Paramedics were prevented from providing medical care to the man. "Of all things, at a demo that is directed, among other things, against police violence, the forces react extremely brutally," said the spokeswoman of the group, Lena Rademacher.

The autonomous "Antifaschistische Linke International" (Anti-Fascist Left International), which had called for the demo, added that the police had "gone one better and kidnapped one of our comrades. A state in which the police can do whatever they want must rightly be called a police state."

Before the demonstration, autonomists had set up "fake depots" in the city area with black clothing and "throwing projectiles." Citizens were called upon to drop off old shoes, jackets and old glass. After Tuesday’s raids, the police had complained about alleged depots of G 20 opponents during the summit in Hamburg. They were trying to "obsessively construct evidence to justify their multiple outbreaks of violence against left-wing activists," they said.