Column about ball and the world: enlightened public, where are you?

Manuel Neuer has a strange view of his biography. Only what fits the image created by PR consultants is accepted as authentic.

Knows the score: Manuel Neuer. Photo: dpa

This is how sports journalism shifts. "A biography about me is to be published in the next few days," Manuel Neuer tells the people he calls "my fans," adding that "I don’t know the author and he doesn’t know me." And further: "The truth content could therefore be doubtful." Therefore.

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1886 Haymarket massacre: the tragic birth of may day

Chicago is considered the cradle of American socialism. There, the labor movement had many successes – and one of its greatest defeats.

Chicago: in the 19th century and also today a stronghold of the US-American labor movement Photo: ap

For leftists, Chicago is no city like any other. That the annual socialism conference was held there, of all places, also has historical reasons. The metropolis on Lake Michigan is the site of the greatest successes of the US labor movement – but also the scene of one of its greatest defeats – the "Haymarket Massacre". Anyone who wants to understand the city’s socialist mystique has to look far back – to the 19th century.

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Column views: the kirschgartshausen alert

On Monday, German television showed a halfway serious film about the Mafia. However, people preferred not to discuss it seriously.

Elsewhere it goes: Arrested mobsters of the US Italo operation "New Bridge". Picture: dpa

When a Google Alert "Kirschgartshausen" pops up in the morning, it’s like a birthday present. Recently, it happened again. The alert led me to the "Rhein-Neckar morgenweb" news portal, where the promising line "Police solve spectacular capital crimes" was found. There had been twelve murder cases in 2013 – and all of them had been solved quickly.

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Protests in slovakia: thousands against immigration

In Slovakia, 8,000 people demonstrated against immigration because the country is to take in around 800 refugees.

According to Slovak media, about 8,000 people participated in the rally. Photo: imago/Xinhua

Slovakia is to take in nearly 800 refugees, thousands of people protested against this in the capital Bratislava on Saturday. As riots broke out, police arrested at least 140 participants in the protest against immigration and possible EU quotas for distributing refugees. According to Slovak media, about 8,000 people took part in the rally organized by an Islamophobic movement; police did not provide details.

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Russian reactions to doping punishment: only putin is innocent

The World Cup and Olympic ban is the dominant topic in sports reporting. There is also plenty of doping in the Duma.

Outstanding boxer and now politician: Nikolai Valuyev wants his own games for Russia Photo: imago/ITAR-TASS

The perennial Russian doping scandal does not stop at the parliament, the State Duma. Its vice president, Mikhail Degtyarev of the Liberal Democratic Party, stated unequivocally on Monday: "There is no place for dopers and cheaters in the Duma." So, in all seriousness, there is now talk of doped deputies. There are good reasons for this. After all, 17 former athletes sit in the parliament.

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Military offensive in iraq: army launches assault on is stronghold

Iraqi forces say they are advancing into the center of Fallujah. The Islamic State had captured the city more than two years ago.

Skirmishes with jihadists: an Iraqi army soldier near Fallujah on Sunday Photo: reuters

The Iraqi military has begun storming the IS stronghold of Fallujah, according to official figures. The army launched the corresponding operation on Monday, said an officer not far from the front line. According to its own information, it is already advancing toward the city center. Four key areas around the city have already been liberated from the rule of the Islamic State terrorist militia, a spokesman said. In addition, several villages around the city were captured on Monday, he added.

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Rescue for tortured creatures: the ex-farmer and the animal liberator

Jan Gerdes and Karin Muck have set up a retirement home for surrendered and liberated farm animals in Butjadingen in the Wesermarsch region of Germany. The residents come from animal factories and laboratories,

Giving asylum to the distressed creature: Jan Gerdes, the farm owner, and animal welfare activist Karin Muck. Picture: dapd

Jan Gerdes slept badly last night. Again and again he woke up, immediately thought of Gisela. How do they manage to get Gisela back on her own two feet? And what do they do if it doesn’t work out? But early in the morning, Gisela is back in the pasture, a little rickety, but doing well. And Jan has breakfast a second time, drinks a second coffee and then another. Now he feels the caffeine in his body. "Man, what’s wrong with me?" he asks.

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