Scandalous author publishes new book: akif pirinçci at home with friends

The ex-cat crime writer has landed in the publishing house of Pegida mastermind Gotz Kubitscheck. Now he laments the disappearance of Germans.

In 1999, he was still stroking cats; today, it’s "the people’s soul" above all: Akif Pirincci Photo: imago/Sepp Spiegl

"Oh, taz," says Akif Pirincci as he picks up the phone. The daily newspaper from the "left-wing slime" milieu, he probably thinks, one of his favorite terms. He remains calm. It’s about his new book: "Umvolkung. How the Germans are being quietly exchanged". The title says it all. And so is the publisher: Antaios, a new-right institution.

"It was a good fit, it happened incredibly fast, great stuff!" says Pirincci, who became famous with his cat thrillers "Felidae" and is now hoping for an orderer again. His publisher probably does, too: Gotz Kubitschek from Schnellroda, head of the neo-right-wing "Institute for State Policy". Pirincci’s 160-page work will be published on April 21. The publisher advertises it clearly on its website: "It is a caustic and at the same time desperate answer to the question of how Germans are being quietly replaced.’" In Germany, he says, a "refugee chaos of unimagined proportions has been wrought."

Pirincci’s leitmotif of "Umvolkung" is, according to the publisher, a reference to "the National Socialists’ crazy idea of shifting entire ethnic groups around like chess pieces." Pirincci moves from criticism of National Socialism to criticism of the German government: "Do we want to become a minority in our own country or don’t we?"

In the current issue of the far-right magazine Compact, Pirincci already provides answers: "In the last 30 years" the "so-called migrant" has become an "object of deification." He was "worth more than the native". The Germans, on the other hand, had been "perverted into a bunch of cowards. Personnel with whom the "creeping genocide" of their own people cannot be countered. According to Pirincci, we should already be looking forward to "the summer of rape, which is already announcing itself in the indoor swimming pools of the republic.

Pirincci’s audience loves that kind of tone. Recently, however, they have also caused the author a great deal of trouble. After an inaccurate rendition of his statements on concentration camps during a speech he gave at a Pegida demonstration, his previous publisher parted ways with him. Amazon stopped delivering his books.

We can look forward to a "summer of rape," Pirincci says.

So now he’s switching to the new right-wing publisher Antaois? Pirincci says that he had already considered working with Kubitschek on his last work, "Deutschland von Sinnen. "We’ve also known each other for a while, four or five years." So now Pirincci has arrived.